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Yoga Teacher Training in Beaverton, Oregon. Learn to teach yoga safely, skillfully and with inspiration.

                   HeartSong Yoga and Wellness Yoga Teacher Training

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Develop Your Practice and Your Voice

Are you a dedicated yoga student excited to share
the benefits you’ve gained from yoga?

   Are you ready for personal transformation that
empowers you to step into the teacher role?

       Are you excited to inspire others with the fullness of yoga:
poses, philosophy and life style teachings?

Ready for Yoga Teacher Training?

 Discover how  to help people feel better and change their lives using the yoga that you love!

Dear Yogi,

You are being called to be a yoga teacher, that’s why you’re here. I was once right where you are and I am so  happy I answered the call. And that too, is why I am excited to offer yoga teacher training to dedicated, inspired yoga students like you.

Our world is changing. Priorities are shifting. Many of us are no longer satisfied just doing a job that brings in money to pay the bills. We want to earn a living while also making a difference in the world. Teaching yoga, whether you do it full time or just to add some diversity to your life, is a great way to

take your passion and put it to use helping others.

 I started out my professional life wanting to change the world so I went into healthcare thinking I could help people heal. As an occupational therapist I worked at that endeavor for many years in hospitals – but felt I was beating my head against a wall.  Working within a rigid system that didn’t share my belief in the wisdom of the human body to heal, I felt frustrated. I worked hard trying to change the system and trying to help people see options. The changes I saw were not in the right direction.

I wanted to work with people who were motivated to improve their lives. My yoga practice had helped me to make so many profound changes for myself; I decided maybe that yoga was how I could share what I had learned.

Yoga has given me tools for thriving in this crazy, fast-paced world. When I found yoga, I was a capable, effective and not very happy 24-year-old. I was working really hard in all aspects of my life but yoga helped me to start feeling better about myself and to relax. Now, I have studied yoga for nearly 30 years. Learning precise and mindful alignment helped me heal a severe back injury. Yoga has made me stronger and more resilient, both physically and emotionally by bringing the philosophy of yoga to my life. And, along with a strong meditation practice,

yoga has helped me to become more content and to celebrate being alive on the planet every day.

I started teaching yoga in 1998, while still employed as an OT. My practice and teaching helped keep me sane in those last few years of hospital work. Soon, I realized that it was yoga that was sustaining me and I found the courage to leave that job that was draining me. I thrived doing more training and studying. I explored teaching in several different venues and then 3 years later founded HeartSong Yoga and Wellness Center, in Beaverton, Oregon. I ran that studio for 13 years before moving to a smaller community where I see private and therapeutic yoga clients while also continuing to run the teacher training in the Portland area. It has been my distinct honor to work with so many dedicated and heartfelt yogis who are not only actively changing themselves but are changing the world by being their best selves while living in it.

Teaching yoga is truly my passion and along with that I have continued my education of the relationship of body, mind and spirit through a dedicated meditation practice, study of the chakras and other esoteric body systems, training in Reiki, Healing Touch and Cranial Sacral Techniques as well as extensive ongoing study of anatomy and physiology, communication, psychology and spirituality.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to share all of that in these trainings. My mission and intent is to help you to become your best self through yoga and to feel great about what you have to share too.

Together we are changing the world.


Leslie Ellis, Director of HeartSong Yoga and Wellness Center

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In your HeartSong Yoga Teacher Training you will:

  • Learn in an intimate environment where your teachers get to know you and support you personally.
  • Experience a heart-centered study of yoga philosophy and yoga lifestyle that recognizes the intrinsic goodness in you and in everything. This will help you to integrate the teachings of yoga more fully into your life so you can powerfully teach yoga and be a model for the teachings.
  • Expand and integrate your understanding of the breath and pranayama technique to allow you to both enhance your own breath practices and to be able to confidently lead others in learning about this powerful tool they have always with them.
  • Learn a detailed anatomical and biomechanically sound approach to asana that helps you to better understand the body and the postures so you can guide others into them safely and effectively.
  • Explore the energetic and subtle aspects of yoga practice through study of chakras, ayurveda and other systems to allow you to practice and teach with more depth and understanding.
  • Develop clarity in your voice and ability to articulate what you feel in your own practice in a way that helps your students have an experience that is truly enriching and life enhancing.
  • Be inspired by your own growth and what you see in your fellow participants and deepen your appreciation for the truly transformational power of yoga!

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Yoga Teacher Training in Beaverton, Oregon

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