Discovery Sessions

Complimentary Yoga Consultation

For potential students interested in any of our programs we offer a complimentary yoga consultation and Discovery Session to allow you to explore with Leslie what opportunities and experiences are available and how they can support you in making the changes you are seeking and reaching your goals.

Whether you are interested in Private Yoga Lessons, Therapeutic Yoga or becoming a Yoga Teacher, a Discovery Session gives you the chance to be supported and guided through an enriching process that takes you more deeply into your personal motivations, desires, strengths and potential.

Using intuition and knowledge from her long term yoga and meditation practice, Leslie compassionately assists you in determining what your next steps can be on this life journey to make it Your Best Life and you, Your Best Self!

To apply for a Discovery Session please complete the contact form. Please tell us a little about yourself, where you live and what program(s) you are interested in.
Sessions available:
   Yoga Therapy
      Whole-Self Healing Discovery Session
    Private Yoga Lessons
      My Best Self Discovery Session
   Yoga Teacher Training
     Readiness Assessment and Clarity Session

Sessions are offered in person in either Bend or Portland, Oregon
or by Skype, FaceTime or Messenger.

Complimentary Discovery Session allows you to explore your goals and dreams, what's blocking you and explore next steps to your best life journey.

Complimentary Discovery Session

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