Forest Walk and Counsel Circle

A HeartSong Community Reconnection

“Did you ever have the feeling that something needed to change but you weren’t quite sure what it was?

Did you ever then experience a growing clarity that you just had to follow even if you didn’t know how to do it or how it might all work out?

That is what happened to me the last several years beginning in about 2014. That growing clarity caused me to make multiple hard, heart-wrenching, exciting and very fulfilling changes! 

Believe me, getting divorced, closing my studio and moving away from the city that I love was not without its challenges. And still,  since I moved to Bend, I have been enjoying a lightness and freedom that was missing for me. I have been inspired by time in nature, and lots of personal reflection and soul searching. Now, I am eager to explore how that might serve you!  

                                                                                                                                                                  With so much love, Leslie”


Forest Walk and Counsel Circle

Join others from the HeartSong Community and enjoy a guided, quiet walk in nature, soaking in the energy and love of the forest while Leslie gently guides your attention to the ways in which nature helps you to listen to your heartsong.

The walk will end as we sit in circle together for some reflection and sharing as well as calling in what we need for ongoing support.

As a yoga teacher and mentor, Leslie is eager to hear what the community and you, as an individual within that, want and need. This helps her to design offerings that are in alignment with both her heart and YOURS!

*please note: this event has been cancelled to do low registration
Let us know if you are interested in this type of event by emailing us.

Friday September 15 at 6:00 pm.
(specific location will be sent to those who rsvp several days prior to the event)

There is no charge for this event but you must rsvp to get location information!