Our Graduates

HeartSong Yoga Teacher Training

 Here’s what some recent graduates say about their experience:


“I can’t describe the gratitude that I have for your wisdom and guidance the past year of my life.  You were an essential part of my journey through yoga, to knowing (my)self .                                                                                        


  Hayleigh Bailey, 2016 YTT Graduate  

“If  you are passionate about yoga and feel there is more to learn, then Leslie is the teacher you want. She really embraces each student as an individual and guides you through a yoga journey you’ll never forget. I learned a lot about myself in the process and I think that has strengthened my yoga practice in mind, body and spirit. I have developed a mindful practice in my life both on and off the yoga mat. Thank you Leslie.”                                                                                         

  Jessica Eckart, RYT 200, 2016 YTT Graduate


“I started the course without a serious intention of teaching. However, along the way I started gaining interest and confidence that I could possibly become a teacher. Even if you don’t get into teaching, the teacher training course will benefit you immensely on a personal level. For example, yoga philosophy is a wonderful tool for all our lives in today’s world. I remember leaving each teacher training weekend with a sense of renewal and a feeling of interconnectedness. Teaching is optional and having the credentials will always help in the future. Either ways, my advice is to jump in to the teacher training knowing that you will have a life jacket in the form of your teachers and your colleagues. You buoy me up Leslie, Kayci and my 2016 YTT friends!”                           

  Aparna Chidambaram, RYT 200, 2016 YTT Graduate

“For me, yoga teacher training was an opportunity and a challenge.   It was a lot of work but it was fun and engaging on many levels.  It helped me grow at a time I felt stale and adrift about my future.  It has transformed my focus, my body and my desire to help others and I’m so glad I persevered.  I wasn’t sure when I started that I wanted to teach; I just wanted to get inspired in my own practice.  But in the course of the training I became inspired to teach and look forward to pursuing this path.  Leslie is an excellent and committed teacher.  Her classes are informative, inspiring and fun and I learned so much. I really appreciated that she set high standards for our class and always gave her best in the service of her students.”                                          

 Dianne Perry, RYT 200, 2016 YTT Graduate

The HeartSong Yoga Advanced Studies and Yoga Teacher Training
is a 200 hour program that meets the standards and is
registered with The Yoga Alliance.

“Being in HeartSong’s Yoga teacher training has been such a profound experience for me, both in my own personal yoga practice, as well as my experience becoming a yoga teacher.  Leslie is so knowledgeable – I feel I was given all of the tools I needed and more to become a well rounded and well educated yoga teacher.  I was so well supported during this training by both Leslie and her staff – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this program to anyone interested in deepening their own yoga practice, as well as learning how to share the treasure and gift of yoga with others.”                                                                                                               

 Kristi Curtin, RYT 200, 2015 YTT Graduate

“I have been doing yoga for around 7 years and been to many classes. I always had the feeling that there is “something to this” beyond the physical and when I came to HeartSong I realized “I was right.” (In this program) I feel that I have awakened my humanness, compassion and connectedness, sense of belonging – to myself, to others; in a way that I did not have before. Through self-study, parts of myself – such as feeling superior, inferior, I have realized – this is not who I am. I have lived my whole life guided by fear and I have learned love is a choice. Happiness is a choice. I choose love over fear.”                                                   
Sophie Greenberg, RYT 200, 2014 Program Graduate

“The Teacher Training program was exactly what I was looking for! The training gave me a solid grounding in yoga philosophy, anatomy, and in modifications / adjustments that help keep students safe. Opportunities to practice various instructional techniques were woven throughout the studies. And I deepened my own practice of yoga! HeartSong’s excellent teachers gave us each personalized feedback, and the training went above and beyond the ‘basics”‘ in preparing me to teach yoga.”   

Toby Ananda Shulruff, RYT 200, Wholly Mama Yoga, 2012 YTT Graduate