Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to health and healing. In a yoga therapy session you will learn exercises and approaches specific to the condition you are dealing with but you will also experience yourself as a whole person beyond the condition. Yoga therapy will help you to remember and celebrate your whole self which helps to create a richer environment for healing and feeling better.

Your Yoga Therapy Session may include:

  • Postural Assessment and suggestions/exercises for mitigating postural habits so that you feel greater
    freedom of movement
    and get out of pain.
  • Physical Assessment to determine body misalignments, asymmetries and and challenges along with exercises so you
    feel more balanced and move more freely.
  • Strengthening exercises to help you
    feel confident and steady in your body
  • Flexibility exercises to help you gain movement and grace.
  • Relaxation, breathing and meditation to help you cope better with stress and learn how to soothe yourself in challenging times.
  • Hands on support and energy work to support your body in healing and to calm your nervous system.

Yoga Therapy can be a wonderful adjunct to your health care plan and support to rehabilitation from a wide variety of conditions. 
Clients often seek out yoga therapy as a support when dealing with chronic illness, pain or postural challenges. Yoga therapy can also be a good alternative for continuing rehabilitation after you have completed or as you are transitioning from the care with a P.T., chiropractor or other health care practitioner.


Leslie is a knowledgeable, compassionate and intuitive guide who has supported many individuals in their healing journey. She is certified in Yoga Therapy through the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Leslie trained and is licensed as an Occupational Therapist and has a background in healthcare and is an experienced, caring professional.     

Leslie offers a complimentary Whole-Self Healing Discovery Session to individuals who are considering pursuing yoga therapy as a part of their health care program.
Please complete the form below to request a session. Include in the message field a short description of what you experiencing that brings you to pursue yoga therapy.

Whole-Self Healing Discovery Session

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Yoga Therapy sessions are available in both Bend, Oregon and Portland / Beaverton, Oregon.

Leslie is in Portland one week each month to see clients. Yoga Therapy sessions can be scheduled either in your home or at our studio at Jade River Healing Arts in Raleigh Hills.

Bend appointments are available in your home or mutually agreed upon location.

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Illness
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