Private Lessons

Why choose private yoga lessons?

  • You are new to yoga and want to make sure you don’t get hurt.
  • You have been to yoga class and can see the benefit, but either couldn’t keep up or you just did not like the group environment
  • You have an injury or chronic illness and you need to go at your own pace. (see Therapeutic Yoga)
  • You want support in developing a home yoga or meditation practice.
  • You are an experienced yoga student/practitioner and you want to deepen your experience of yoga or you have specific questions about yoga, poses or your practice.
  • You are a yoga teacher and you want to expand your teaching repertoire and need some practice guidance.

Private Yoga Lessons

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced practitioner, if you are seeking a more personalized approach, consider private yoga lessons.

Yoga classes can be incredibly enriching but sometimes it is beneficial to get the focused attention of your teacher to ensure that the yoga you are doing is creating the effects in your body that you truly want.

In private yoga lessons with Leslie you get the benefit of her keen ears and eyes – she listens to what is going on in your life and then skillfully and intuitively guides you by watching you move and giving you suggestions to support your practice and to allow your practice to better support YOU.

Sessions are offered by appointment in Bend and in Portland, Oregon.
Therapeutic Yoga Sessions also available.


My Best Self Yoga Discovery Session

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Want to find out if private lessons are for you? Leslie offers a complimentary Your Best Self Yoga Discovery Session to allow you to explore how private yoga might benefit you.
In these sessions, Leslie guides you through a process to connect to your intuition and your own wise self in order to discover your dreams and desires that yoga can support you in reaching. If you are seeking a transformation and want to use yoga to help you in the process, this session can help you see just what is possible!

Private Yoga Lessons in Bend and Portland, Oregon.