Clients Say....

Leslie is a uniquely gifted yoga teacher. Remarkably, she attunes to what your body and spirit are yearning to experience. Through listening, observing, and really seeing you, she offers guidance and support for your yoga practice that opens both your perspective and your postures. When you bring to a lesson with Leslie a “problem pose” (recently for me it was Warrior III), you leave with the renewed conviction that hard poses can indeed be your friend and a catalyst for fresh learning. Leslie helps you to get “unstuck” in your poses and in your life and to explore possibilities more fluidly and expansively.

Glen F.
Private Client and Teacher Training Graduate

After I broke my leg last year, I had to have surgery to put the bones back together. At that time, I was enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training at HeartSong Yoga and called Leslie to let her know of my situation. As we talked, she asked if I thought yoga therapy would help with my recovery. I told her I really couldn’t move much and could she explain how yoga therapy would work.

She began by saying that yoga therapy focused on the whole body not just the injury and described how she worked with people in her practice. As we talked, I really felt that I should try it. I knew I wanted as complete a recovery as possible and what better thing could I invest in than trying to bring the healing power of yoga to my injury.

It is one of the best decisions I ever made.

From the beginning Leslie recognized what I needed and had an objective perspective in working with me. She could see how my whole body was out of alignment to compensate for the injury and helped me relax, begin to deal with the trauma and stress of what I was going through, and address the things I seemed blind to in my body. She found gentle modifications to help me begin to move and find my yoga even within the limitations I had. Each time I met with her, I felt I had breakthroughs and could better see where I was frozen because of the trauma. I can’t recommend her work enough. Today, six months after the accident, I’m about 90% of where I was before and still healing and working toward full recovery. Yoga therapy really helped me both physically and mentally. Working with the language and concepts of the larger yoga-balance, wholeness, presence, breath, gentle movement, exploring what I could do-was so helpful and helped bring me back to the perspective of wholeness in my healing.

— Dianne

“About 2 years ago I began to have chronic pain in my lower back, which was later diagnosed as a degenerated disc L5-S1. On the recommendation of my wife, a long-time student, I began weekly one-on-one sessions with Leslie at HeartSong Yoga Center.

While I later had a number of medical procedures which helped alleviate my condition, my yoga sessions with Leslie
were, and continue to be, tremendously helpful in reducing symptoms, building strength and core support and generally enabling me to continue to lead an active life.

In addition to being an expert yoga instructor, Leslie has a comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that she integrates very effectively in her practice. She is expert in analyzing a particular physical issue and applying the right yoga techniques to address the problem.

Leslie has a vast amount of experience that she brings to her practice. Her students also benefit from her perspective, outlook and sense of humor- she makes the experience fun and rewarding.

I cannot recommend Leslie highly enough.”

— Bob W.

“I can’t describe the gratitude that I have for your wisdom and guidance the past year of my life. 
You were an essential part of my journey through yoga, to knowing (my)self.” 

Hayleigh Bailey
2016 YTT Graduate

Learning Yoga from Leslie Ellis has greatly improved my life. When we met over 15 years ago, I was like any other business woman – extremely busy, overly stressed and suffering from what seemed to be incurable aches and pains.

I began my journey with a few group classes, but then switched to private lessons. Private lessons were a better fit with my schedule and allowed me to explore and learn at my own pace. Leslie is a fabulous instructor and mentor. Her ability to adjust her teaching methods and style to fit my individual needs had a tremendous impact – she motivated me to keep going.

As a result, all these years later, I still practice 4 days each week. Along with an incredible improvement in my flexibility, stamina, strength and physical health, I feel like a completely different person. I am much calmer and have different viewpoint on life which is now incredibly positive.

So, thank you Leslie, for making my world a better place.

— Teresa S.

I have multiple sclerosis and it is difficult for me to find things that I am capable of doing due to my mobility problems.

I started yoga with Leslie over 15 years ago and have attended an Adaptive Yoga class weekly since then. With my yoga practice, Leslie has shown me many ways to strengthen and move my body even when I am not sure I can do it. She gives me exercises that I can do and always has helpful ideas to help me deal with the ongoing changes I experience in my body.

The beauty of yoga is that it gives you the tools you need to cope with stress. One of those tools is the ability to experience the art of true relaxation! Doing yoga with friends has also become an important part of my health and well being.

I feel fortunate that yoga has become a part of my life and would recommend it, and Leslie, without any hesitation.

Rosalie B.