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Leslie Ellis Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training Staff

Leslie Ellis, OTR, ERYT500, YACEP, Program Director

Since the very beginning of her Occupational Therapy career, Leslie has been a mentor to students who were getting their first experiences as therapists. It was natural for her, as a teacher, to also move into that role in yoga.  She assisted in several  yoga teacher trainings before designing the curriculum for the first HeartSong program in 2008.

Leslie is passionate about the whole practice of yoga. An avid reader and studier, she has a breadth of knowledge that has evolved out of many topics and disciplines.  She views yoga as life and has a deep connection to the spirit of yoga as a guiding light. Leslie loves the body, and is often accused of being an anatomy geek. But she is also keenly interested in the psychoenergetic element of our beings and can support students in an experience of themselves that goes beyond the physical, manifest form.

In addition to training teachers, Leslie has a flourishing private yoga and yoga therapy practice where she has many clients who have studied with her for years. Her intention in sessions is always to meet the client right where they are and to support them in making the transformations that they desire and dream about. Whether it is solely to feel better and get out of pain or to explore their inner lives, she finds it a great honor to be present with each individual who comes to her for help. You can learn more about Private and Therapeutic Yoga here.

Leslie’s approach to teaching is to empower the student to find the strength, curiosity and love within themselves to make great change and to live life to the fullest. In the teacher training she provides an opportunity for deep personal inquiry along with teaching the art and science of yoga teaching, giving students the skills they need to teach with inspiration, safety and skill.

Kayci Cavenah, RYT500, ERYT200, YACEP,
Ayurvedic Yoga Consultant

Kayci has been involved with our programs since the beginning – first as student in our first Mentoring Program, next as administrative support for the first year of the 200 HR Training, then, assisting in the program for several years and finally moving into the role of one of the our primary teachers.

Kayci brings a depth of experience stemming out of over 35 years of yoga practice and study. She is deeply steeped in yoga philosophy and yoga as a spiritual path as well as having extensive experience in applying the technical aspects of biomechanics and alignment to the yoga asana (postures)

In addition, she has completed a 300 HR Training in Ayurveda. She uses her knowledge of this ancient science from India along with private yoga lessons in her private practice,  to support clients to come into greater balance supporting a heightened sense of health and wellbeing.

Kayci is a compassionate guide and mentor. She deeply cares about every student  she works with and helps to create an environment within the program of acceptance, nurturing and support.

Kayci Cavenah, Yoga Teacher Training
Lynn Morrison Yoga Teacher Training

Lynn Morrison, LMT, RYT200, Structural Integration Practitioner

Lynn is our program Anatomy Guru. She is an inspiring and approachable leader as she takes students through the journey of exploring the details of anatomy and structure while supporting them to experience the information in their bodies and within yoga asana.

Lynn’s depth of knowledge coming from ongoing personal study and exploration along with her down to earth, practical style make her a valuable part of the Trainer Team. She also provides personal support to clients with massage, craniosacral therapy and structural integration through her practice MyBodyWorks.