HeartSong Yoga Workshops

*Scheduled workshops are offered in Bend, Oregon and Portland, Oregon

**No workshops currently scheduled. Please check back soon OR contact us below to schedule the workshop of your choice for your group.

***You can also schedule a workshop in your location for any group, club or workplace. Leslie will travel within 6 hours of Bend, Oregon for workshops of at least 15 participants. She is also available for larger workshops and will travel anywhere in the US for these. Inquire with the contact form below or call 503 567-5502. yoga AT yogaheartsong DOT com


HeartSong Yoga Workshops

A workshop setting gives you a more detailed view and experience of the topic presented. When you attend a HeartSong Yoga Workshop, you not only receive that detailed view, but a fun, informative and inspiring expansion of your yoga practice.

Leslie teaches with a keen eye and an open heart to provide you with tools for better living as well as “better” yoga.


Possible Topics:

A Yoga Celebration
Get your friends together to celebrate any occasion with Yoga! Great for birthdays, Girl’s Night Out, Bridal Showers or whaterver you want to celebrate. A Yoga Party is a healthy, fun, inspiring way to get together and enjoy. Specific theme and sequence will
 be tailored to the group.

Yoga: Alignment and Form
Get the most out of your yoga practice by more deeply understanding how your body moves and how to align yourself in a pose to keep it safe, allow energy to flow  more freely, and to begin to enter more clearly that state which is YOGA.

Developing Intuition Through Yoga and Meditation
Intuition is something we all have but often have not fully cultivated in our day to day lives. Yoga and meditation are beautiful entries into your wise self and connecting to intuition – that part of us that knows.

Yoga and The Chakras
Explore, the Chakras, your personal energy system through yoga, pranayama (breathing) and meditation. Learn about the primary energy
centers and how to experience, open and clear them with yoga.

Restorative Yoga
Rest and renew with a relaxing, rejuvenating series of supported poses, restful music and Leslie’s inspiring voice to guide into
deep and soothing relaxation.

HeartSong Yoga Workshops: Wellness Series
(classes can be scheduled individually or as a series)
In these workshops, you will learn about some of the most common injuries and conditions that cause pain and suffering in our
lives. Education about the body, anatomy and physiology along yoga practices and exercises will empower you in healing and experiencing wellness.

            Yoga and Stress
            Yoga for Happy, Healthy Hips
            Finding Freedom: Yoga for Shoulders and Upper Back
            Stand Strong: Yoga for Feet, Ankles and Knees
            Lift and Balance Your Mood: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

We also offer Continuing Education Courses for Yoga Teachers.



Yoga Workshops HeartSong Yoga

Leslie also offers Yoga Retreats both locally (Oregon) and in other beautiful locations. Join a scheduled retreat or hire Leslie for your own personal (or with friends) get away!

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