The Art of Teaching Yoga

Yoga Teacher Training at HeartSong Yoga with Leslie Ellis

HeartSong offers enriching training and education options for both beginning and experienced yoga teachers.

Whether you are looking for a foundational 200 HR YTT or the 300 HR Advanced Training  our programs promise to support you in exploring your personal, growing edge and bringing your whole self into the process of teaching.

Our primary aim is to help you to become the very best yoga teacher you can be. We teach you how to teach yoga skillfully and safely. You will learn how to support your students to in postures that fit their bodies and allow them to grow. You will learn to guide students through yoga philosophy to understand themselves more deeply. You will learn how to teach what the spectrum of YOGA offers.

But most of all we will teach you how to be fully present with people.

Students come to yoga for many, many reasons but there are some generalities in what we are looking for:

  • We want to feel happy
  • We want to be free from pain
  • We want to feel like we matter

Yoga, and yoga teachers, are in prime position to help support these needs. And you, as a yoga teacher, can share your love of yoga and your passion for service to make a transformational difference in your students’ lives.

Yoga can help people feel Good.

Not just good as in another workout accomplished….
or good in having been able to do it all….
or even good in being relaxed and open after having had a good stretch.


Really GOOD –
Yoga helps you realize and awaken to something that is deep within you, all around you and abiding.

You are Good.
Things are perfect in this moment.
You have amazing inner resources.
And, YOU, are ENOUGH.

As yoga teachers, when we know this about ourselves, we come to every student with presence and authenticity, not as the perfect teacher of Triangle Pose, designer of the best kick-ass vinyasa, or even the most inspirational, poetic orator.
Rather, we become a guide that skillfully, compassionately and lovingly assists people back home to themselves.


Yoga Teacher Training at HeartSong Yoga with Leslie Ellis

Authenticity     Compassion     Love

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