About HeartSong Yoga

Leslie Ellis offers yoga teacher training, yoga therapy and private yoga in Bend and Portland, Oregon

HeartSong Yoga and Wellness Center

is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of our yoga students through providing skilled,personalized and inspiring yoga instruction to foster health, fitness and personal growth.

We are also dedicated to train excellent yoga teachers who take that mission out into our community to positively impact their students through their work as well.

HeartSong Yoga & Wellness Center was established by Leslie Ellis in November, 2004 as a place to grow community and for offering quality yoga instruction in Beaverton, Oregon as well as the Portland metro area.

At HeartSong Yoga we teach hatha yoga, a physical practice in which yoga poses, or asanas, are practiced. Through specific muscle action and gentle stretching one builds strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. At HeartSong Yoga, we are committed to bringing the mental and emotional aspects of yoga practice to light as well as to inspire these same qualities to influence how we relate to ourselves and others and so support ourselves in living well.

In 2016, Leslie moved to Bend, Oregon and the focus of HeartSong shifted to teaching primarily private yoga lessons and therapeutic yoga. Sessions are offered both in Portland and in Bend by appointment.

HeartSong also offers Yoga Teacher Training and Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers.

Call us at 503 567-5502
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Teacher Training, or private yoga in Bend and Portland, Oregon.




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